Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today is the day...

Ok, up and ready, sky looks ok-ish, cold, but no rain!

Meeting up with Luca - he has maps gallore, so really hope nothing gets in his way!

See you all at Woolwich at 11am!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photos of the first ever walk! The Trial Run

(Sign to prove we really did go on the walk!)

(Enfield Lock)

Well! We did it. The Trial Run Walk has now already taken place, so the LWG seal is now broken.

(Lots of puddles like this along the way)

This trial run was a short walk, from Waltham Cross to Ponders End, along the Lea Valley River.

(Jenny B)

Initially we were to meet at 11am, however we decided to start a little later and meet at 12am.
(Oliver waiting for Jenny at Waltham Cross Station)
At around 11.40 I got a call from Jenny - the only person apart from myself who had committed to walk this walk (well, we only decided to do it a couple of days earlier, so there was no real notice for anyone) to say she had missed her train. Doh!

(Josiah, Andrea and Lou-bear waiting for Jenny B)

I admit, I thought she was trying to find a way to back out of the walk, so I said I was going to carry on regardless, thinking to give Jenny the perfect way out, but ..."what? without me? There is another train fairly soon!" Aw!

(Long boats, Barges and Boats)

Oliver, Josiah (my sons), Lou (my dog) and I waited for a short while at Waltham Cross station till Jenny got there and off we went.

(Bridge that leads to Enfield Island Village)

The walk itself was pretty uneventful, but fantastic all the same. The weather was fairly cold and cutting on hands and face, but if you had dressed properly, Jenny, you would have been fine. In fact, I had too much on and was actually nearly uncomfortably hot.

(Jenny B, Josiah, Oliver and Louby-lou)

Anyway! The walk took us around 2 hours, it would have taken less time, but we did stroll the first half, chatting and yelling my boys who insisted on wrestling the whole way. We got rid of the boys when we got to Enfield Lock (I live just 5 minutes from there) and Jenny, I and Lou walked the rest of the way by ourselves. We picked up the pace and managed to get Jenny to her train back to London just as it was pulling into Ponders End station. We couldn't have timed it better!

(Boats along the River Lea)

The walk itself is probably not the most beautiful one either of us have ever taken, Lea Valley does have a lot of Industrial Estates built along the banks, and there was quite a bit of litter and rubbish along the way.

(Industrial Estates found along the way)

But there were some lovely spots, lots of barges, boats and other floating home type things, lots of fields (although lots of electricity pylons growing in them) and lots of swans, ducks and...what are those black birds with white beaks that hang out with ducks called? Coots or something? Anyway, them!

And it was just nice to spend time with someone, walking and talking and relaxing. And feeling that you are doing something good for body, spirit and soul.

(Jenny B just in time for the train back to Central London)

Can't wait for next Sunday where we will be doing the same, but for longer...hope to see you then!

(Bye Bye Jenny! See you next Sunday...)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturday 5th December Walk ~ Waltham Abbey to Ponders End

We are going to do a trial run this Saturday 5th December and do a smaller walk - Waltham Abbey to Ponders End, only 3.5 miles (5.6 km) which has been estimated to take 1 hour 24 minute.

So please do join us! We will be meeting at 11am at Waltham Cross station and ending up at either Ponders End or Tottenham Hale - depending on time. As this is a trial run, we don't mind too much not completing the 2nd leg - Ponders End to Tottenham Hale - which is a further 4 miles.

It would be fantastic if others turn up, it should be fun and I am certainly looking forward to it!

Blog and photos to follow once it has been done!

The walk begins...